Visiflex Contrôle de palette

Automatic pallet control

Less than 5 seconds

in stock entries or before shipment




Time saving

20 x faster than manual scanning

Fewer disputes and customer complaints

optimise your stock entries
& control your shipments

VISIFLEX, automatic pallet control system, use augmented reality to highlight misappropriated, unauthorised and unlabelled packages to guarantee your shipments or your stock entries.. VISIFLEX  also inventories the pallet supports : wood, carton… detected at each control.

Based on :

  • Image analysis captured by high resolution cameras.
  • Reading Datamatrix barcode
  • Perfect restitution of pallet’s pictures

automatic pallet control Productivity

Check a pallet in less than 5 seconds at stock entry or before shipping
Inspection of stackable pallets
Integration possible with a filming machine on a conveyor
Reduction of customer disputes thanks to image proof
Customisable business rules : contract respect/date, tour/sub-tour...
Ergonomic optimization of operator workstation
Reduction of MSD because there is no more manual reading

Visiflex contrôle automatique de palette

automatic pallet control safety

Visual identification of anomalies : missing or illegible labels, non-conforming product according to defined business rules
Easy reprinting of missing or illegible labels (interfaced with NiceLabel) Elimination of errors linked to manual reading
Archiving of images and search tools in case of dispute
Strengthened customer/supplier partnership

AUtomatic pallet control Fiability

100 % reading of 2D Datamatrix barcodes
High resolution camera control
Solution based on hardened industrial components
Low maintenance : no moving parts
Detection of labels bent, torn or misplaced

Visiflex contrôle automatique de palette

How VISIFLEX Works ?

Visiflex have a touch panel with a simple & adapted interface, high resolution cameras and low power LED strips. This allows you to analyse and check pallets automatically and quickly, even when they are stacked. 

Visiflex controle
Visiflex controle

Count the carton on the pallets, even when stacked.

Intruder detected.


We have no borders !

Tried and tested with the major actor in the French food industry, SBII with this VISIFLEX solution guarantees your shipments and/or your stock entries.

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